In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “My Hero.”

‘My Hero’, two words, deep deep meaning. I suppose everyone has had a hero or at least dreamt of  one. In my life, I cannot give a particular person the title of ‘My Hero’ since in different stages of my life there has been a different hero, and all who were there for me when I most needed.

The person who I consider my first hero was my grandfather. In his own quiet way, he influenced the greatest part of my childhood , taught me to appreciate love, honesty and the things that matter most. From my childhood memories, the ones I remember extremely well and cherish wholeheartedly are of my grandfather and me. To this day I give his memory all the good that I am.

I know that the term ‘hero’ normally refers to a human and not to an object, but the second thing that was and still is my hero is a book. My books made me who I am today. When I needed distraction from my thoughts and I picked up a book, all I felt was peace. I still do

My third hero is my mother, for making education the first and foremost thing in my childhood and making sure that we always pursued knowledge by taking us to the library once a week, banning computers completely except for a half an hour on the weekends and not keeping a television at home. Though it may seem harsh and horrible(which it was sometimes) it made us(me and my siblings)put our whole effort and time towards educating ourselves thus making us better humans.

My fourth hero is not a single human but a large amount of humans. My students(I volunteer teach slum children). When I am with them, I feel free and happy. I feel thankful for the life I have. And most of all, I feel thankful that God made me see beyond the walls.

My fifth hero, again not a single human but a group of humans. My friends, who tell me to my face when I do something wrong and who support me unconditionally when I need them.

My sixth hero, again is a group of humans.My lecturers at university who went beyond their jobs to encourage me to work to my best and to explore knowledge, and when culture and society deemed unfairly that I stop pursing my higher education and become a house-maker, they stood by me always, emotionally and physically. They were there to listen to my unhappiness and to offer me solace, They were there to call my parents and urge them to let me to continue my education, they were there to make me see the silver lining in every cloud.

My sixth hero is my grandmother, the person who gives me age old, wise guidance, who thought me to read the good and the bad in people and to be smart. overall.


My hero


This video is shows how much can change even if only one human cares.

2011 commercial by MOE (Ministry of Education) Singapore.

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