My heart was full of sadness for a long long time.The voices in my head used to make me feel like dirt. My mind was confused and unsteady. I agreed to everything everybody said. And disagreed with nothing. I never though about myself. All my feelings were covered with a polite smile.

Finally about a year ago I was determined to find myself and I did. I blocked my ears and my heart. I listened to who i wanted to listen and agreed with who I wanted to agree. I voiced my disagreement. I distanced myself from negative and conniving people. And I smiled when my heart wanted to smile.

I felt happy. I felt sad too.

I needed to agree and disagree with family.  And family did not want to be disagreed with. Disdain showed in people.


I had freed my heart. And it was soaring.


Gracias. My Abuela. You taught me the world. The good and the bad. And made me find the confidence to be me.

Thank you.





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